At Dr Hridyas Ayurveda Speciality Treatment Centre, we offer a variety of Wellness packages to cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers. Strictly adhering to Ayurvedic principles, we offer treatments suiting individual constitutions after thorough observation and examination by our physician. Our packages can be customized as well according to personal preferences and requirements.

Relax and Detox

Who wouldn’t want to be pampered once in a while with soothing herbal oils and warm herbal decoctions to nourish and care for your body giving you the right kind of stress relief and relaxation to prepare you for the daily routine with restored vigour and enthusiasm!

Experience our range of relaxing therapies after consulting with our physician to understand and determine the perfect therapy that suits your body type and stress points and triggers. Here are a few relaxation treatments available at our centre:- Abhyanga , Shirodhara ,Steam Bath , Pinda Sweda , Pizhichil, Pichu

Beauty and Wellness

Explore the benefits of natural beauty care by indulging into our beauty care therapies. We have an expert team to understand your personal constitution and suggest best

Hair and Skin care packages

Beauty facials

Hand and Foot care

Body wraps

Weight reduction programme


Dhanyamla dhara

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