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Dr Hridya T Chandran

Dr Hridya is a well known Ayurvedic healer all throughout the UAE for her professional, patient oriented treatment practices while being a diligent leader in bringing the best for her patients through identifying the core wellness concerns and their natural yet hassle free treatment approaches. Hailing from the South Indian state, Kerala, she is a true global visionary with over 15 years of international clinical experience centered around a plethora of clinical conditions including Women’s wellness, Infertility, Pain management, Neuromuscular disorders, Spinal disorders, Cosmetology etc. to name a few. Dr Hridya is the first MOH licensed Ayurveda gynecology specialist in Middle East. She has always advocated the relevance of incorporating Ayurvedic principles in life where in certain attitude shifts and behavior modifications could lead one to a healthier, happier life.

Besides her degree in Ayurveda, Dr Hridya also has a Masters degree in Ayurvedic Gynaecology and Childcare practices from Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, India. Following her Post graduation, she settled in Dubai where she has since established a dedicated Ayurveda speciality treatment hub delivering traditional and authentic Ayurvedic treatment She is a certified Infertility specialist, taking training from world renowned Kottakkal Ayurveda School of Excellence, Kerala, India.

She has designed and developed advanced Infertility treatment techniques following traditional Ayurvedic guidelines providing exclusive and personalized treatment packages. She is an expert in Dry needling therapy, certified from the prestigious David G Simon Institute, Switzerland. She is also an experienced hand in Muscular trigger point releasing technique that provides radical cure in various acute and chronic muscular disorders. Dr Hridya is currently pursuing a Diploma in Ayurvedic cosmetology.

About Us

Welcome to Dr Hridyas Ayurveda Specialty Treatment Centre, a sanctuary of holistic wellness nestled in the heart of Ras Al Khor, Dubai. Committed to your well-being and healthfulness, we blend ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern approaches to deliver a unique and transformative healing experience.
Ayurveda, the timeless healing system simultaneously caters to the healthy as well as sick with a unique perspective that addresses individual constitution and dispositions. A healthy individual might want to maintain that balance while pampering the body along with the mind where as an individual with a disease condition would want to alleviate it and regain the dynamic equilibrium towards wellness.At Dr Hridyas Ayurveda Speciality Treatment Centre, our qualified and professional team headed by Dr Hridya strives in making your Ayurvedic wellness sojourn seamless and pleasant. We provide best in class facility equipped with most modern treatment accessories and best quality medicines. Our premises have been carefully curated to provide a pleasant and holistic experience to our clients.

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