Around the world, the term Panchakarma is mostly analogous to Ayurveda itself. In reality, it is a therapeutic method in Ayurvedic medicine where disharmonic humors within the body are expelled out to bring out the normal balanced constitutional structure. Characteristic to each person and their personal constitution, the therapy chosen and the medicines to be used can be customized. In case of systemic organic imbalances within the body, specific diet or lifestyle modifications are being advised to go along with highly standardized herbal formulations that act in the deeper tissue levels for expelling the embedded toxicities and bringing out optimum body functions.Panchakarma is a mainstream treatment modality that involves deep rooted cleansing within the body. It is more of a purificatory therapy where personalized approaches for methodically expelling out the imbalances and reinstatement of the personal well-being is achieved.

This includes five different techniques uniquely effective in certain conditions depending upon the Individual and his/her body constitution, wellness concerns, extent of imbalances, etc. It is further applicable on preventive and restorative wellness perspectives. It aids in attaining that dynamic equilibrium on which, each individual is thriving resulting in better functioning of the body.

Main therapies of Panchakarma are:

VAMANA-Therapeutically induced emesis

VIRECHANA-Therapeutically induced purgation

ANUVASANAVASTHI-Enema with medicated oils.

KASHAYAVASTHI-Enema with herbal decoctions

NASYAM-Nasal instillation of medicines

The main procedures of Panchakarma are not all done simultaneously on an individual or altogether at one time. This is decided as per personal constitution and the condition involved that requires a particular treatment in the person. Also Panchakarma treatments require extensive Pre and Post therapeutic procedures to be followed rigorously for an effective outcome of the same.

Poorvakarma or the pre therapeutic care associated with Panchakarma treatments involve Snehana and Swedana therapies for releasing the deranged body humors from their aggravated stages and bringing them towards the body core and preparing them to be expelled out of the body. The major therapies from the Panchakarma ensure effective expulsion of these humors from the body with the help of specific procedures. Paschatkarma or Post therapeutic care affirms proper convalescence after the exhaustive treatment period. This includes adequate rest and strengthening diet and medications for rejuvenating and restoring normal body strength and well being.

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