Ayurveda considers Gynecology and Childcare together under a single branch called Prasoothi and Sthriroga. This gives us a picture of how Ayurveda honors the superlative connection between a mother and child. Right from the moment a child is born in the mother’s womb, their combined health and individual well being are regarded with great care and elaborate measures for preserving both their health becomes a matter of prime importance. Ancient Ayurvedic texts mention exclusive Prenatal and Postnatal routines to be followed for the well being of both mother and child. Potential health concerns during the period are addressed and their therapeutic measures are also described in detail. Modern Ayurveda practitioners are effectively bringing these treasure troves of Ayurvedic wisdom towards bringing favorable health prospects during and after the crucial stage of pregnancy and child birth.

Prenatal care

Pre natal care starts from preparing the female body for a healthy and stress free pregnancy. The male counterpart also has to be detoxified and cleansed from within for bringing out the best qualities of body and mind into their offspring. This can include extensive purificatory therapies supported by customized diet, lifestyle modifications and therapeutic support.

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Acidity and Digestive disorders
  • Hair and Skin care
  • Urinary infection / Urinary disorders
  • Emotional well being

Post natal care

  • Rejuvenation and toning
  • Post natal Diet and nutrition
  • Abhyanga and other supportive therapies
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Post natal exercises
  • Emotional support

Working hours

Monday - Sunday
09:00 AM - 10:00 PM